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=Download TDservice Installer=
=Download TDservice Installer=
[|Download TDservice Installer (Windows only, 252MB)]
[ Download TDservice Installer (Windows only, 252MB)]
=Running in a Virtual Environment=
=Running in a Virtual Environment=

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Techkon SDserver software setup instructions:

In order to connect to the Techkon SpectroDens or SpectroDrive devices over USB or Wifi, installation of the SDserver background service or SDserver app foreground application is required (one exception is on Macintosh, direct USB connection is possible thanks to Techkon's "Mac SDK" drivers. The server is required on Mac for Wifi connections and for the USB connection that allows configuration of wifi settings, however)


Connections to Techkon Devices

SpectroDens Connection Options
App Platform direct USB connection server USB connection server Wifi connection
Mac USB USB wifi
Windows n/a USB wifi

SpectroDrive Connection Options
App Platform server USB connection server Wifi connection
Mac USB wifi
Windows USB wifi

Setting up the Server

The TDservice server comes in 2 forms that run on Windows (only): background service or foreground application. Service is good for unattended operation that can auto-launch when Windows starts and is invisible to the end user (when sharing a machine). Application is good for manually launching & testing.

** Important ** the TDservice Application does not require explicit changes to the Windows firewall - other than giving permission upon first launch.
** The TDservice background service, however, requires explicit changes to Windows' firewall in order to be accessible.

Download TDservice Installer

Download TDservice Installer (Windows only, 252MB)

Running in a Virtual Environment

Users may want to run Windows in a virtual environment (such as Parallels or VMware). This is useful for Macintosh users wanting to connect to the Dens or Drive via Wifi.

A few important configuration notes:

Techkon setup example in the Maxwell Client

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