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*[[CMS]] Color Management System
*[[CMS]] Color Management System

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Color Matching Method

The CMM is the "engine" that actually does the work of color management. There are many different CMM's available from vendors such as Linocolor, Kodak, Adobe (within Photoshop), and others. The CMM contains the actual executable code that uses the ICC Profile information supplied by the user to transform the colors of a document.

While the debate may rage on about which CMM is best to use (and that probably differs the most depending on your workflow), one thing most color scientists would agree on is you should choose one CMM and use it throughout your workflow. At this time, in our opinion, this removes the Adobe CMM from most workflows as it is only available within Photoshop (and presumably more Adobe products as time goes on). Unless you do all your color work in one application, you should choose a CMM that is available to all applications.

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