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ColorWiki is a shared document system sponsored and hosted by CHROMiX, Inc.

Like the fabulous WikiPedia you can edit many of the pages on this site, add your own content, and even create new pages.

We (CHROMiX) also use ColorWiki to manage our product and service manuals so there are portions of ColorWiki that are not editable by people outside of CHROMiX. If you find errors or simply want to contribute to these areas please let us know. Chances are good we will give you access to the pages (we can always use help).

Please avoid entering into discussions within these pages. is available for discussion and reaching consensus. Then come back here and update / add to the articles.

Our desire is to promote color management use and education. Please treat this site as if it were your own. With proper care and feeding we can collectively dispell myths, reduce confusion and, hopefully, get colors to match along the way.


Steve Upton


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