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Evaluation of neutrals in grapher.

Evaluate the neutral calibration of an RGB device. RGB devices that can be calibrated typically set equal RGB values to gray (eg RGB (100,100,100) -> Lab (45,0,0).

The calibration state at the time of profiling can be calculated from the device's profile.

With a well-calibrated system, you would expect to see the vertical line of neutral points stay very close to the neutral axis in the grapher.

An example for the use of this test would be to verify the calibration of a Fuji Frontier or a Noritsu digital minilab before profiling targets were run. These are examples of RGB printers that (are supposed to) go through a calibration procedure on a daily basis to bring the printer back to a known state. This test will show how accurate the calibration was at the time of profiling. Think of this as a "peek around" the profile to see how the system's doing.
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