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Setup in the worksheet for evaluating the proofing capabilities of a profile.
Setup in the worksheet for evaluating the proofing capabilities of a profile. Graphing option.
This procedure helps evaluate the proofing capabilities of one profile. This will determines the accuracy of the device->PCS (eg. CMYK->Lab) "proofing" capabilities of a profile.

This test helps you see how accurate a profile will be when it provides you with a "soft-proof" in programs like Photoshop.

  1. Select your profile. (If your profile has embedded measurement and reference data, like GretagMacbeth profiles for example, the Measurement data and reference data fields will be populated automatically. Otherwise, you will need to find these files and drag them into these fields.)
  2. With this test, you have a choice of whether you want the results in the form of a 3D graphical representation, or having the numbers laid out in the worksheet.

When the worksheet option of this test is complete, the Feedback window summarizes the delta E values that show how far off the proofing portion of your profile is. (The smaller the number, the more accurate your profile can proof.)

If you've chosen the graph option, the measurement color list is displayed in the grapher, showing the movement from reference colors (the colors that would be expected by being run through the profile) to actual, measured colors. The longer the vector arrows are, the greater is the change in the proofing direction of the profile, and so the less accurately the profile will proof.

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