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The Maxwell Client program makes it easy to update the Maxwell color repository with measurements and profiles. It "bridges the gap" between the cloud and your computer. Maxwell Client 4 directly supports the i1Pro, i1IO table and iSis hardware, and uploads measurements right into Maxwell Tracks for immediate use anywhere in the world. If needed, hotfolders can be created and monitored so you can measure color using practically any hardware and software that can save measurements into a file format Maxwell can understand (which is continually expanding).

In order to measure data and send it to Maxwell, first Devices and Tracks need to be setup in Maxwell.

Once they are set up, Tracks are created in the Client to connect to the Maxwell tracks.

Maxwell logo.jpg

How to setup Maxwell to track a printer

Client logo.png

How to Set Up tracks in the Client


How to use the AutoScan feature

Here is a 15-minute video showing the general setup of Maxwell online.

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