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To purchase Kodak IT8 targets, [[http://www.chromix.com/ColorGear/Shop/manufacturerdetail.cxsa?t=&contribid=919 Go here]]
To purchase Kodak IT8 targets, [http://www.chromix.com/ColorGear/Shop/manufacturerdetail.cxsa?t=&contribid=919 Go here]

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Kodak's IT8 targets (Q60) Target Data Files



An ISO standard transmissive color target available from all major color film manufacturers. CIE data provided with each copy of the target enable scanning devices to be characterized or "profiled" in CIE terms.


A reflective version of the IT8.7/1 provided with its own CIE data.

Kodak's IT8 targets (Q60 by their terminology) require the associated target data file (TDF) information if you are to use them for accurate reference or building scanner and camera profiles.

Main data area

or to save time, the direct links...

5x7 R1 Reflective

35mm E3 Slide

4x5 E1 Chrome

If you have problems downloading the files (if they open in the browser instead) try control-clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (win) the links on the Kodak site and choose the option to save the link to disk.

To purchase Kodak IT8 targets, Go here

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