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Once your targets arrive at CHROMiX, we will measure them with state-of-the-art spectrophotometers, and create printer profiles for you.


Multiple computers

ColorShuttle can be used to quickly download your profiles onto any computer. If you have multiple computers which all have occasion to use these profiles, install ColorShuttle on each of them. Sign into ColorShuttle using your normal identification, and the program will identify which profiles we made for you are not yet on your computer, and automatically download them.

Profile Alert

ColorShuttle alerts you when it is downloading a new profile for your printer.

You will be notified with an alert window. This shows up when ColorShuttle has found a new profile for you and has downloaded it into your computer.

For Windows users, this will be in the normal place where all profiles are stored:


For Mac users, these profiles are stored in the "user" area so that they are only accessible by the user:

User > Library > ColorSync > Profiles

Profile History

ColorValet Profile history

If you would like to follow the process, click on your printer icon in the left pane of ColorShuttle. The details of your printer will be shown including a history of pending profile jobs and those that are completed. A completed profile has been already been downloaded and installed onto your computer.


In order for ColorShuttle to operate properly the following conditions are required:

Note: The ColorShuttle window can be closed and the program will remain running in the background. As long as the ColorShuttle icon is shown in the taskbar (Mac) or system tray (Windows), then the program is running and will operate normally.

If ColorShuttle is shut down or internet connection is lost, your profile will be accessed and downloaded the next time it is opened and internet connection is established.

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