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File:MX colorset1b.jpg

Once you have measurements of your devices uploaded into Maxwell, there is a great wealth of information that you can obtain.

To access the Color Set Details click on a track, choose Measurements, choose an individual measurement, and see the list under "Related Items." This page explains in detail what you can do with a measurement or other color set.



Color set color details

Channel Report

MX colorset 2-1.jpg

The Channel Report uses SmartTargetTM technology to:

Note: Channel Report requires CMYK data. (It will not work with RGB data.)

Solid Colors

MX colorset3-1.jpg

The Solid Colors report uses SmartTargetTM technology to pull key patches from the target, including:

This feature provides a quick and easy way to view these important colors patches without having to remember where they are on the target.

For example, you can check to see if your paper has any optical brighteners by quickly choosing the paper white patch and viewing the histogram.

For more information on optical brightners, click here.

Note: These patches must exist in the color set in order for Maxwell to find them! Solid Colors requires CMYK data.

Target View

MX colorset3.jpg

ab Plot

MX colorset4.jpg

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