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Add a logo to a Maxwell account online

A custom logo of your business can be added to the Maxwell account online. For printers who do business under different names (or who print for other companies that use Maxwell), this provides a visual confirmation that you're looking at the devices and tracks for the correct company.

Maxwell online logos can accommodate many different shapes and sizes of logos.

Expand the Account Details pane
  1. Log into your Maxwell account.
  2. Under "My Account," in the Account details pane, choose Upload Logo.

Upload logo dialog pane
3. Browse, or click and drag your icon image file into the Upload Logo pane.
Note that Maxwell only accepts image files in the .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg formats.
4. Click the Submit button.

Select logo from popup box
5. Select the specific logo to be used from among the uploaded logos.
This is done from within the Account Details pane. (Click the “owner” icon on the bottom right corner of any Device Details or Track Details pane to bring up the Account Details pane.)
  • Choose Edit mode,
  • Find the Account Logo drop-down box near the bottom of the pane.

Add a logo for use on pass/fail labels

Follow steps 1 - 4 above.

Track details
5. Locate the "Track Details" pane of the track you are using for pass/fail.
6. The new logo will show up in the drop-down box under "Label Logo".
7. Choose the new logo, and save it.

The new logo will show up on every label that is printed for this track. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for other tracks.

Example of a typical label with a custom logo in the upper left corner.

Note that the logo area is much wider than it is high. If you have a choice, you can fit much more of a horizontally-oriented logo on this label than you can with a less horizontally-oriented - or even a vertically oriented image. In other words, choose a logo layout that is much wider than it is tall. The logo area can accommodate an image that is 10 times as wide as it is tall.

Example of a wider logo

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