Maxwell Drives Barbieri LFP

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The Maxwell Client will directly drive the Barbieri LFP for measuring color targets and uploading them into Maxwell.

  • <-- The Maxwell Client and the Barbieri LFP (YouTube Video)

    The Client supports all the same functions as the Barbieri software, with some exciting new features.

    With MemoryScan, a target's position on the scanning table/page can be memorized for rapid reuse. A separate memory is available for each target definition. Position a target on the scanning table in the same position each time - heavy tape or markers are helpful to ensure target position is repeatable - then 1-click measuring saves tons of time.

    More information is available here:

    • When positioning a target on the table, the arrow keys can be used to move the table.
    • [Shift] + (arrow keys) will move the table 10 times the normal speed.
    • [Option] + (arrow keys) will move the table 100 times the normal speed.

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