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Example of the Reference Set Details pane

When expanded, the Reference Set Details pane offers the following parameters:


Color Aim

The actual reference file that is to be used as the color aim is selected here.

Allow Measurement Condition Override

This setting will allow a user at the operator level to override the Measurement Condition specified above. Normally this is set to false so that an administrator can require certain measurement conditions to be used when desired.

The default is false.

Allow Color Aim Override in Tracks

This setting allows a user to override the color aim specified at the track level.

The default is false.

Note that color aims entered in the Track level will have no effect unless this override setting is set to true.

Measurement Conditions

Measurement Conditions section of Reference Set Details

The choice of measurement conditions allow an administrator to require specific measurement conditions for ensuring that the Maxwell Client will only allow certain settings or conditions while measuring. The default settings are appropriate for most situations.

But if an administrator wishes, the conditions can be set so that "only M1" measurements, or "only transmissive" measurements will be accepted, for examples. As Maxwell capabilities continue to expand, it is possible to take measurements with many different kinds of instruments. This provides a means to restrict the acceptable forms of measurement that will be allowed in the Maxwell Client.

The Measurement Conditions are:

Scanning instruments differ greatly in their form and function. These options are not available or applicable for all instruments.

Most of these same conditions are consequentially reported when the measurements occur. A similar list of measurement conditions is reported in Color Set Details.

Measurement Purpose

Sometimes, the desired way to create a new color aim for a track is to use a new measurement from a newly set up printer in good working order. When Measurement Purpose is changed to "Reference Color", the measurement conditions in the Client will be "unlocked" and all the conditions can be defined by the user in the Client. For regular production work, this setting should always be set to "Production Testing".

Duplicating Reference Sets

Highlight the set and choose Duplicate Object.

If your reference sets are often setup using the same metrics, it is much easier to create a new reference set by duplicating an existing one. Find the list of Reference Sets, highlight the one you wish to duplicate, choose the gear menu at the bottom of the pane, and select "Duplicate Object."

Click here for a YouTube video showing this process.

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