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Careful attention has been paid to the arrangement of rights, privileges and security for users in Maxwell.



In a large company with several strata of employees, it usually becomes necessary for one person to act as administrator of the Maxwell account, while other people (for example, press operators) need access to the tracks and measurement data as part of their daily operation.


We recommend the following for large companies with several users:

  1. Create a company account
  2. Setup employees and administrators as "contacts" of that account so that they can all access the company tracks and measurements. CHROMiX administers the creation of passwords for "contact" accounts.
  3. Contact CHROMiX to assign passwords to these employee accounts.
  4. Contact CHROMiX to assign administration rights to one or more users. Admins can create devices and tracks and see all the data. Read-only users will only be able to view data.

The administrator will have access to everything in the company account, and all the employees can see what they need to see, but they won't have access to the administrator's personal account or global company access.

Account Types

Maxwell offers several layers of accounts which are intended to provide differing levels of access to information. Here is a summary of the more important account types:


This is intended as a "master" account under which several individual accounts can belong.


Individual users can sign into Maxwell and see:

Note that every object in Maxwell has both view security and edit security. So the ability to view and change any data can be turned on and off for every object. By default any user can view and edit that which they have created. CHROMiX can change these rights and privileges if requested.

Public user

Anyone can browse to the Maxwell website and view the information in the demo accounts. This "public" user can access very detailed information on these demo accounts much as a normal user does in a private account.

Levels of Access

In addition, there are at least three categories of access that are useful for larger companies.

Read Only

A user with read-only access can see any devices, tracks, etc. in a company account, but cannot change or alter any settings or information there.


Admin access allows the user to add devices & tracks, create and change reference sets, assign them to different tracks - all for a specific company account.

Master Admin

Some companies are large enough to have different company accounts, including perhaps outsourcing partners that will make use of Maxwell. These other companies would be under the administration of a Master Administrator, who has admin access to all of these companies - even as these separate companies (and their administrators) do not have access to see each other.

Creating new accounts / users

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