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Trend Report says "No Data Available"

"No data available"

When I run a Trend Report, why does Maxwell say "No Data Available" when I have several measurements uploaded?

Possible solutions

Run through the procedure for "Creating Metrics for a Track."

Why do my measurements end up being all black?

example of a measurement file with commas as decimal points.

I have successfully used the Maxwell Client to measure my targets and saw that it passed my pass/fail test. All is fine until I go look at my track in Maxwell and see that all the patches measure black (0, 0, 0) in Maxwell online. The files I upload from another computer work fine.

Possible Solutions

I want to add a Track, but the [ + ] button is grayed out?

Tracks need to be added from a Device.

I am trying to add a new Track, but the normal method, with the plus button in the bottom corner is grayed out.


(This is likely due to using the link for “Tracks” in the far left column of Maxwell. This Tracks link is intended as a shortcut to allow you to go straight to a list of your tracks. But you can’t add a new track there. Go to the Device first, and add a Track to the Device.)

Comparing my reference to the same file, I get small dE values (I'm expecting to get all zeros.)

Comparing identical measurements

I uploaded a file to use as a reference for my track. I also uploaded the same file into that track as a measurement. That measurement should be identical to the reference, so I should get all zero's, but instead the Results Summary shows some small differences. What's going on?


Your reference file has several sets of patches with identical device values. You can identify these by clicking on the DeviceValues header and sorting by device values. (There are 3 incidences of the (CMYK) 0, 0, 0, 0 for example.) Each of the identical colors will have a different set of Lab values because they will all be measured slightly differently. When Maxwell searches a list of colors, it will pick the first set it finds and use that as the reference. Therefore, all the duplicate patches will show a slight difference compared to the one that is chosen to be the true reference.

Sort by device values to identify duplicates

Knowing this, you now have some useful information. The delta E differences you see among duplicate patches can give you an idea of how much print variation is on your sheet, or how much variation is inherent in your measurement process.

Note that this is likely to occur if you happen to be using a reference file that was an actual measurement of a target. Here are some ways to avoid this confusion:

Maxwell Client messages

Client error

The Maxwell Client should be restarted, the track should be unbonded, and then re-bonded again.

width/Height error

Hotfolder must not contain any items

This message comes up when a folder is selected that contains files or folders within it. New hotfolder must be completely empty when first set up. (A "ShuttleProcessed" folder will be created automatically when the hotfolder is used.) To fix this, you should remove any files from within a folder you are trying to attach to as a hotfolder.

This message might also come up when restarting the Maxwell Client after making changes to the folder structure.

Client error

This message might come up when using an i1Pro through an underpowered hub. The i1Pro requires a lot of power to work properly. For best results connect it directly to a strong USB port on a computer, rather than an un-powered USB hub.

Top right edge of bar not found

This message can show up if the target definition file that is being used in the Client is not the correct one for the size of target that is being measured. This particular message has to do with an iSis measurement. Check to make sure your reference matches the target print.

Prescan Failed

If a message similar to this shows up, the routing code embedded in your bar code is not found within the tracks available to the user who is signed into this account. Most likely the routing code has not been added to the track or is incorrect.

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