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This page explains how to upload printer measurements into a printer track.

Maxwell Client - high volume for production

The Maxwell Client allows the driving of measurement instruments on your regular production computer, and uploading into the Maxwell website.

This is a stand-alone app that interfaces between the Maxwell online database and your production environment.

It "bridges the gap" between the web browser and your computer. The Client directly supports the X-Rite iSis, i1Pro and i1IO hardware, and uploads measurements automatically into Maxwell Tracks for immediate use anywhere in the world. It can also make use of hot folders to upload measurements from other instruments. We are continually expanding Maxwell's compatibility with industry hardware and software.

The Client is designed specifically to be able to run in the background on the user's computer, and:

Online upload

If you only have a few measurements to upload, or you're just getting started, you can upload measurement files one-at-a-time in the Maxwell interface online.

To learn how to create a device (like a printer) or start a new track, go to Maxwell Getting Started

Uploading measurements into a printer track.
File upload successful.

To repeat the process with more measurements:

Client icon.png See also our page on Maxwell Client program

The Maxwell Client can be used to:

See Maxwell Color Set Details to find out what you can do with your measurements.

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