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MeasureWatch Setup and Operation

The MeasureWatch service makes use of the Maxwell Client app to measure the COLORef tool using your instrument and comparing the results to our NIST-traced reference. Regular measurements of the COLORef target provides assurance that your instrument is in good shape.

It is common to see some small differences between our state-of-the-art spectrodensitometer, and your own measurement device. But the differences should remain stable over a long period of time. As you keep an eye on the typical results of your measurements, you will be able to determine if something unusual happens, or a trend line starts to go out of conformance. This information can provide you with advanced notice that your measurement device is no longer measuring accurately.

There are four basic steps:

- Install the Maxwell Client, launch and login as normal,
- Install the appropriate target definition file for your instrument.
- Plug the instrument into the computer and allow automatic registration with Maxwell.
- Upon activation, measure the COLORef using the instrument.

At CHROMiX, we have already placed the reference information in your Maxwell account. You will find it in your list of color aims, named with the serial number of the COLORef target.

Open and Log into Maxwell Client

Open up the Maxwell Client and log into the app.

Open up the Maxwell Client app on your computer, and log in using the Maxwell account username and password that was provided for you.

Place the appropriate reference files in the correct folders.

Go to Advanced > 'Open Target Reference folder'

Put the targets in place

Connect the measuring instrument to the computer.

CRM_i1Pro_ref.txt and CRM_iSis_v2.txt are included in your starter kit. These files define the targets to be used in the Client. Click and drag the .txt files into the appropriate instrument folders.

The CRM_i1Pro_ref.txt file can also be used to measure the COLORef on the Barbieri LFP, the Barbieri Spectropad, as well as the X-Rite i1Pro instruments.

Connect instrument

The verify button becomes visible once CHROMiX activates the service.

Once the instrument is connected, the software will automatically register the instrument with the Maxwell system.

After the measuring device is registered with Maxwell, the MeasureWatch service will be enabled and activated by CHROMiX staff. The Client will periodically update itself and show that it is ready for MeasureWatch Verify. A bullseye icon next to the instrument shows that the service is activated.

In order to force a "refresh" of the activation status, the user can

  • unplug the measurement device,
  • delete the measurement device using the [ - ] minus button.
  • plug the device back into the USB port.

The Client will automatically find the device in Maxwell and now reflect the positive activation status.

Measure using MeasureWatch Verify Button

The Current Verification shows the results of the metrics.

Click the MeasureWatch Verify button.
Follow the procedures to measure the COLORef target on your measuring instrument.

Measurement complete

Example of Color Track details.

The finished measurement will be automatically uploaded to Maxwell. A list of measurements will populate the Verification History window.

Ready to go!

That's it! You have now successfully measured your COLORef target in the Maxwell Client, and the measurement has been uploaded into Maxwell.

Continue to measure the COLORef using your instrument every month, or whenever you are in doubt about your instrument's accuracy. Click the "View trend report" link to check the trending of your measurements over time in Maxwell online. Any result which is unusual may require a second measurement or may indicate a problem with the measurement device.

Talk to your Maxwell sales representative about other features of Maxwell such as automatic email notification when a device falls out of tolerance, and much more.

More information about other features of Maxwell and the Maxwell Client can be found in the ColorWiki:

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