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Welcome to ColorWiki

Featured article

Chromatic Adaption

Hocus-pocus? Useful color conversion? Fancy words for cocktail party impressions? As the color management world works its way toward version 4.x profiles we find that we're getting more and more questions about the differences with v4 profiles and what they mean. One important difference is that all profiles (except device links) are now required to have a 'chad' tag (chromatic adaptation). More...

Did you know?

Color Management Myths 16-20

Delta E: The Color Difference

Reserved Article
Reserved Articles

Reserved articles have been contributed to the ColorWiki by various authors.

Color Management
Color Management
The elusive color match is possible with the right ingredients.

Color Theory and Science
Color Theory & Science
Color Science is where measurements and math meet the human factor.

Sure it matches but do you like it?

Glossary of Color Terms
The A-Z of color and color management terms and acronyms.

Industry Groups & Standards
Industry Groups & Standards
Without standards we have no way to exchange information, color or otherwise.

This section is specifically designed for product manuals, books and guides for popular color software.

Test Images
Test Images
Effective testing requires good images used well.

Tools for color management
Software, graphics hardware, measurement tools - the how to's and how not to's.

How Do I Contribute Content to the ColorWiki?

ColorWiki Help pages
Describes how the ColorWiki works, how to create new pages, edit pages, etc.

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