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ColorWiki Categories (*)

applications glossary manuals static Articles

Topic Areas ( H - link from home page )

H* Applications

As in "how to apply color management" to specific industries & workflows Photography medical imaging commercial printing large-format output etc cross-workflow color handling repurposing of colors and images

As in "computer applications & software" desktop publishing RIPs tools & utilities profiling / calibration tools color graphing & analysis tools

H test images / profiles / datasets

H color theory & science humans & color perception / physiology measurement colorimetry delta -e

H color management calibrating & profiling devices (camera, scanner, display, printer, press, other)

H* glossary / terms

Industry Orgs & Standards

color stds & stds orgs (defacto and official) color companies software / hardware companies consultants & training groups

H Creative colors in design, color combinations

H* Articles / Manuals ColorNews ColorThink Manuals Maxwell Manuals / API documentation

H ColorWiki admin rules legal bits account admin - registration, etc help & tips for editing, etc personal pages

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