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Miscellaneous Dialog Boxes and Error Messages

worksheet message

While ColorThink attempts to be as intuitive as possible, there are some combinations of profiles in a workflow where your intended result is not obvious. When this dialog box shows up in the Worksheet, you need to describe to ColorThink whether you want to assign a profile, convert to a profile, or exit the function (leaving the workflow unchanged.)

message when display profile is not found

When ColorThink Pro opens on a computer that does not have a default monitor profile established, this warning will come up. This is to let you know that the colors you see in ColorThink will not necessarily be correct since there is no monitor profile to "route" the colors through. sRGB is chosen as an approximation of a typical display. To solve this condition, calibrate your display and create a monitor profile.

Using ColorCast with a 6 channel profile

This shows up when using a multi-channel profile as the device profile when making a ColorCast profile. You might consider if this is really what you want to do. Most people create a ColorCast profile using a common profile - RGB or CMYK - in the "device" profile space.

Error in printer driver on Windows

Editing ColorCast Profiles

ColorThink Pro produces ColorCast profiles that appear to work well in programs such as Photoshop but fail when used in Windows device drivers. This note describes the details of how to add a final step in the creation process to patch the profile.

Error given in Profile Medic

The Tagnum error can show up using the Profile Medic.

This error indicates that there are more than 50 entries in the tag table. This is almost always an indication that the profile is corrupt.

ColorThink will not be able to correct a corrupt profile. It must be deleted and / or remade.

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