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ColorThink Tips and Tricks videos

The CHROMiXColorSmarts YouTube channel features short videos (less than 5 minutes each) with tips and tricks for using ColorThink Pro. These videos are free.

We recommend viewing these videos at 720p (HD) resolution for best quality. This will enable full-screen viewing to be sharp and clear.

These can also be viewed on our YouTube channel CHROMiXColorSmarts

  • Video tutorials:

      Linearization and Optimization

      This tip shows how to use the Worksheet and the Grapher to find the optimum value in a printer's linearization process.

    • ColorThink Tips and Tricks #1: Linearization & Optimization

      What does Bad look like?

      Examples of profile and measurement problems.

    • ColorThink Tips and Tricks #2: What Does Bad Look Like?

      Viewing a Rendered Gamut

      Viewing both directions of a printer profile to judge profile quality.

    • ColorThink Tips and Tricks #3: Viewing a Rendered Gamut

    Steve Upton's ColorThink Pro training videos

    This pre-recorded Webinar Training class contains almost 2 hours of in-depth training in the use of ColorThink Pro, taught by Steve Upton, creator and developer of ColorThink Pro. These cover fundamental, to intermediate, to advanced concepts. See the short teaser video below for examples of the concepts that are covered. Pay at the CHROMiX website to be granted access to this videos.

    Purchase CHROMiX ColorThink Pro YouTube Training

  • ColorThink Training examples (teaser)

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