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Compare DeltaE between two measurements

I want to compare DeltaE's between two measurement files, to see what differences there are between the two measurements. How can I do this with ColorThink Pro?

This is one of the easier tasks you can perform using the ColorThink Pro worksheet. In addition, you can view the resulting delta E differences as they show up on the page, or by grouping the worst offenders together.

How to do it

  1. Click and drag your 1st measurement set into ColorThink Pro to automatically open up a new worksheet.
  2. Click and drag your 2nd measurement set into the worksheet. This automatically opens up a second workflow.
  3. Click the Delta E button under the workflow tab.Worksheet deltaE.jpg
  4. Click the Image tab to show the image.

The third "image" which shows up on the right gives a general representation of where the various delta E differences fall out on the measured sheet itself. By default, values less than 1 are displayed as green, values between 1 and 3 are yellow, values between 3 and 8 are brown, and those greater than 8 show up as red. These delineations can be changed using the sliders in the Delta E window.

What does this tell me?

Alternate grouping

Another useful method of viewing delta E is to group the colorlist according to delta E deviation.

  1. Click on the Delta E column header DEcol.jpg at the top of delta E column in the color list. (This will align all the colors according to delta E variation from least to greatest.)
  2. Click the column header again to order all the colors the opposite way (from greatest to least.)

Now the colors are arranged so that the worst delta E offenders are at the top. In the example above we see a disproportionate representation of light colors and strong magentas.

View Delta E deviation in 3D graph

  1. Highlight several rows of colors using Shift+Click,
  2. Click one of the three column titles. (The delta E column will be titled "<untitled list>".)
  3. Choose "Graph List"

The colorlist will be opened in a 3D graph, and the highlighted colors will be marked with large white cross hairs. This will show where the largest delta E variations lie within the device gamut.

Change Delta E calculations


ColorThink Pro also gives you the option to use different delta E calculation algorithms. Click on the dE2000 drop-down tab to view several popular formulas.

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