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Q: I brought one of my older files, a P2P25, into Curve4 and it says it failed. When I brought the same file into Curve3, it says this file passes. Why does Curve4 give me a fail?

Curve4 References

A: By default, Curve4 tests for a lot more than Curve3 did, which mainly tested for G7.

Curve4 tests for G7, as well as checking to see if your colors match different specs according to the new G7 Master Certification levels. For a quick look at these different levels, read this article:

The short answer is that if you want Curve4 to verify the same way Curve3 did, you should create a new reference that uses G7 Grayscale.

  1. Window > Show References
  2. Make a new Reference PreSet, using G7 Grayscale and whichever CRPC that matches what you were doing. (Curve3 would have defaulted to GRACoL2006.)

You can even set that new reference preset as a default so that it will come up with each new Verification you make.

Here are some YouTube videos with more information:

Steve talking specifically about the three levels of compliance.

The entire YouTube video on new Curve4 features.

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