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Curve Software

IDEALink Curve

IDEALink Curve logo

In 2006, IDEALliance, the umbrella organization for both GRACoL and SWOP, and Don Hutcheson, the source of the current G7 technique and mathematics, chose CHROMiX to write a software package to streamline and simplify the application of the G7 method. This software package became IDEALink Curve, and was first announced in June of 2006. The final version of IDEALink Curve, version 1.1, was released on June 30, 2008 .

Most of the information about the IDEALink Curve software can be found at the CHROMiX website including downloads of the most recent version of the software:

The manual for the IDEALink Curve is in a pdf that is downloaded with the software.
This wiki also contains a small addenda page describing the ISO colors used in IDEALink Curve.
CHROMiX continues to maintain a ColorForums site specifically for Curve software products:


Curve2 logo

In February of 2010, Curve2 was released as a joint-development between CHROMiX and HutchColor.

Curve2 replaced the existing IDEALink Curve software. Like IDEALink Curve, Curve2 is primarily designed for calculating G7 calibration curves, but made use of completely new core algorithms to gain higher precision.

Curve2 has been discontinued in favor of Curve3.
Curve2 software can still be downloaded from the CHROMiX website:

Some of the 50 new functions and features were:

See the ColorWiki page for more information on Curve2.

See the ColorWiki page for more information on using the OneRun targets in Curve2.


Curve3 logo

In April of 2013, Curve3 was released as an update to Curve2.

Curve3 improved many existing functions of Curve2 and introduced more new features to fit special needs. In addition to calculating G7 calibration curves, Curve3 can calibrate using TVI curves, calibrate special inks (besides CMYK) has a new smoothing algorithm and can use a custom starting point calibration.

Some of the new features are:

The software package can be downloaded at no charge from the CHROMiX website, but authorization codes need to be purchased before the user can run it:

See the ColorWiki page for more information on Curve3.

See this ColorWiki page for more information on using the OneRun targets in Curve2 and Curve3.

The Manual for Curve3 is a pdf document downloaded with the software package, but can also be accessed online at

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