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The Maxwell Client can be locked in the Admin mode or the Operator mode.



Admin mode is intended for account administrators or single-operator uses.


Operator mode for the Maxwell Client.

Operator mode is intended for uses where a large number of targets need to be measured regularly, such as every day. A typical user might be a press operator who needs to upload a proofing target every day in order to verify that proofs are in compliance. In this scenareo, the operator does need or want access to the configuration screens in the Maxwell Client, but would benefit from a quick interface that allows him to identify himself, the job number and the time the measurement was made.

User fields

Fields shown in a typical operator mode

For some customers, Maxwell can require certain fields be answered or offered when measuring new targets. Contact CHROMiX for options for custom fields.

Clicking the lock icon opens up the lock password dialog

To Lock

To lock the user interface on either Admin or Operator:

This pane will now be locked in this configuration until the user clicks the lock icon and enters the password.


Right-click on the OPEN lock icon will allow the user to reset the password. Note that the lock needs to be opened first in order for the password to be reset.
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