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CHROMiX Maxwell stores a wide range of data types. Each data type in Maxwell is stored as an Object. Object types have specific type code (MxO) and each individual Maxwell object has a unique ID which is composed of the MxO, a colon ':' and a unique record ID for that object type. In this manner, any Maxwell data object is specified by a unique code that can be used in bookmarks, API references, generalized storage areas (such as a Notifier storing which object it's attached to.)


Maxwell Object Types (MxO)

Brand Name (B)

Color (C)

ColorSet (CS)

Device (D)

DeviceModel (devMod)

FeedBack Item (FBI)

File (F)

Location (loc)

Metric (M)

Notifier (N)

Profile (P)

Reference Set (refSet)

Report (R)

Target Print (TP)

Track (T)

A Track is a collection of measurements, profiles, or other data which enables Maxwell to monitor devices or other trending data over time.

User (U)

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