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The Maxwell Client bridges the gap between the browser and your computer, and directly supports most of the common measuring instruments in the industry. Upon measuring a target, the Maxwell Client automatically uploads the measurement directly into Maxwell Tracks for immediate use anywhere in the world.

One of the latest features of the Maxwell Client is the ability to compare measurements from individual prints to a standard or reference, and then print a label indicating whether the print passes or fails the reference.

Here is a quick overview of how to use the Pass / Fail feature in the Maxwell Client.

Example of Pass/Fail features


Launch the Maxwell Client

Start the Maxwell Client and log in using your username and password.

Turn on Calculate Pass/Fail

In the details pane of the HotFolder you created, check the Calculate Pass/Fail checkbox.

Select your label printer

Choose the "Select as Label Printer" button

In the left column of the Client, your printers are listed. You can choose one as your default label printer:

  1. Click on the Printer,
  2. Click the Select as label printer button

See Setting Up A Dymo Printer section below for an example of how to set up the Dymo label printer.

Measure your target

Supported by the Maxwell Client
Supported by the Maxwell Clienti1Pro 2 supported by the Maxwell Clienti1 IO table supported by the Maxwell Client

KonicaMinolta FD-9 Spectropad is supported by the Maxwell Client Barbieri LFP is supported by the Maxwell Client

  1. Attach your measurement instrument,
  2. Click the Measurement button,
  3. Measure your target.

The Maxwell Client will directly drive the leading measuring instruments in the industry. Click here to see a video describing how to use your instrument:


Your measurement is automatically saved, it is uploaded to the Maxwell track, it is compared to your reference set, and the resulting PASS or FAIL is calculated.

Label printing

The Maxwell Client can be setup to:

The Maxwell Client will automatically format the label to print on any number of common label printers including Dymo thermal label printers.

Setting up a Dymo printer

Label setup and test print

To setup a Dymo label printer, click on the button to setup label printing, and click on the "Label Page Setup" button.

Select printer

Select the appropriate settings for your paper type and size. For a typical pass/fail setup:

Example of what a typical label looks like

To the right is an example of what a typical label should look like.

Windows preferences

For Windows users, go into your control panel settings and set the default settings for the Dymo printer. This way, the correct shipping label, orientation, etc. will be set for the long-term.

For more information, see:

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